The cat at home is the creature that requires for coming to an understanding and getting in close trust-based relationship.

In case you have decided to acquire a cat the first thing you have to do is to find out if you’re not allergic to pets. Then you have to consider what you wish to have around you – just a four-footed friend filling your home with cosiness and warmth or a star of future shows.

Also you have to consider if you wish to have a she cat or a male cat. Generally male cats – both altered and unaltered – are of calmer temperament than she cats. However as is the case with any other breed, male and female cats of British Shorthair breed are different by their appearance. Male cats are considerably stouter and stockier than she cats and their heads are more massive and cheeks considerably larger.

Many prefer to acquire wholly small baby-kitten as they believe that it will be more difficult for an older cat to get used to new surroundings. However there’s one thing that everyone must understand – the longer the kitten stays with his mother the stronger immunity is developed by him and afterwards the cat is able to get used to his new master as easily as the younger kitten. Some people believe that little kitten is similar to a blank sheet of paper and can be trained depending on one’s wishes. However the character of the cat is partly determined by the genetic factors and partly by the environment and breeder’s behaviour with the kitten in his infancy. Eventually attempts of a new master bear some fruit however the character of the kitten is already formed at the moment you take him to your home.

Little “teddy-bear” must be active with rounded head, small ears, short neck and widely “implanted” eyes. His pads must be short and bulky. Cat’s fur must be short and thick. However the fur must be visually healthy, i.e., without any scurf, not greasy and of course must contain no parasites. Eyes must be sparkling and not streaming. The ears must be clean without any excreta.