Antonijo_geraBritish shorthaired are the representatives of one of the most ancient feline breeds. People say that the pedigree of this breed dates back to the times when Britain, occupied by the Romans became the agricultural country. Roman legionaries brought “Working” cats (not just domestic animals but that had to “work” for food) here in order to control the number of rodents. They lived near by barns, sheds and farms practically getting no touch with people. However, they grew in number.

For hundreds of years no other representatives of this breed appeared on the Isles, and pussies propagated in the population limits. A big thick haired cat came out from this.

In the end of XX the English cat fanciers came to the conclusion that beautiful and charming representatives of British shorthaired deserve worldwide recognition.

A famous English selectionist Harrison Varier, the founder or Cat Fanciers’ Club, got interested in the breeding of the best British species. He was an avid fan of this breed. It was his initiative to hold the first CAT SHOW in the world in 1871in Crystal Palace of London, where British shorthaired got many awards. The year 1898 is the date when this breed was officially recognized as a separate one and registered by Cat Fanciers’ English Club.